Idris2Doc : Data.SortedMap



recordSortedMap : Type->Type->Type
Totality: total
Visibility: export
M : SortedDMapk (constv) ->SortedMapkv

.unM : SortedMapkv->SortedDMapk (constv)

Cast (SortedDMapk (constv)) (SortedMapkv)
Cast (SortedMapkv) (SortedDMapk (constv))
(Eqk, Eqv) =>Eq (SortedMapkv)
Foldable (SortedMapk)
Functor (SortedMapk)
(Ordk, Semigroupv) =>Monoid (SortedMapkv)
Semigroupv=>Semigroup (SortedMapkv)
(Showk, Showv) =>Show (SortedMapkv)
Traversable (SortedMapk)
Ordk=>Zippable (SortedMapk)
empty : Ordk=>SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
lookup : k->SortedMapkv->Maybev
Visibility: export
insert : k->v->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
singleton : Ordk=>k->v->SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
insertFrom : Foldablef=>f (k, v) ->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
delete : k->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
update : (Maybev->Maybev) ->k->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
  Updates or deletes a value based on the decision function

The decision function takes information about the presence of the value,
and the value itself, if it is present.
It returns a new value or the fact that there should be no value as the result.

The current implementation performs up to two traversals of the original map

Visibility: export
updateExisting : (v->v) ->k->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
  Updates existing value, if it is present, and does nothing otherwise

The current implementation performs up to two traversals of the original map

Visibility: export
fromList : Ordk=>List (k, v) ->SortedMapkv
Visibility: export
toList : SortedMapkv->List (k, v)
Visibility: export
keys : SortedMapkv->Listk
  Gets the keys of the map.

Visibility: export
values : SortedMapkv->Listv
  Gets the values of the map. Could contain duplicates.

Visibility: export
mergeWith : (v->v->v) ->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
  Merge two maps. When encountering duplicate keys, using a function to combine the values.
Uses the ordering of the first map given.

Visibility: export
merge : Semigroupv=>SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
  Merge two maps using the Semigroup (and by extension, Monoid) operation.
Uses mergeWith internally, so the ordering of the left map is kept.

Visibility: export
mergeLeft : SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv->SortedMapkv
  Left-biased merge, also keeps the ordering specified  by the left map.

Visibility: export
lookupBetween : key->SortedMapkeyval-> (Maybe (key, val), Maybe (key, val))
  looks up a key in map, returning the left and right closest values, so that
k1 <= k < k2. If at the end of the beginning and/or end of the sorted map, returns
nothing appropriately

Visibility: export
leftMost : SortedMapkeyval->Maybe (key, val)
  Returns the leftmost (least) key and value

Visibility: export
rightMost : SortedMapkeyval->Maybe (key, val)
  Returns the rightmost (greatest) key and value

Visibility: export