Idris2Doc : System.File.Handle



importpublic System.File.Error
importpublic System.File.Mode
importpublic System.File.Types


openFile : HasIOio=>String->Mode->io (EitherFileErrorFile)
  Open the given file name with the specified mode.

@ f the file name to open
@ m the mode to open the file with

Totality: total
Visibility: export
closeFile : HasIOio=>File->io ()
  Close the given file handle.

@ fh the file handle to close

Totality: total
Visibility: export
withFile : HasIOio=>String->Mode-> (FileError->ioa) -> (File->io (Eitherab)) ->io (Eitherab)
  Perform a given operation on successful file open
and ensure the file is closed afterwards or perform
a different operation if the file fails to open.

Totality: total
Visibility: export